Adventure Landing Haunt Nights 2021

Haunt Nights at Adventure Landing will run select nights through Halloween Night, October 31st. 

This year there will be two Haunted Attractions with over 40 actors! 

A much-anticipated Haunt Nights favorite is back - the Payn Manor is everyone’s dream but step inside and the nightmare begins. You can run but you can’t escape. 

Next, visit Dark Fables 3D!  This is Jacksonville’s largest 3D Haunt. Fairy Tales aren’t what they seem. Creepy characters lurk and wind their way through narrow passages trying to reach you and evoke thoughts of fear. 

Whether you visit solo, bring a friend, or make it a group trip, you're sure to love the adrenaline-pumping haunted attractions at Haunt Nights. 

Visit for discounted tickets and operating schedule.

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