Here's Why '7500 OBO' Isn't Entirely Relatable To Tim McGraw

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Tim McGraw’s latest single might not be as relatable as fans think. “7500 OBO” depicts a man who’s set on selling his truck because it holds too many memories of a woman who’s no longer there. McGraw, however, reflects on the memories of the truck he had growing up and beams at the fond recollections. 

McGraw’s Ford brought him to the lake, raced him down country roads, and cranked up the biggest songs by George Strait, Journey and other legendary artists. McGraw recalled, in a recent statement shared by his record label:

“I mean, there’s so many memories of drivin’ to the lake and hangin’ out and swimming at the lake, and the tailgate down on my 70 Ford pick-up and hangin’ out and racin’ on the back country roads. We grew up in a farming community and I can remember bein’ in a cotton field with everybody’s trucks around a bonfire, and everybody sort of playin’ guitars and singin’ Hank Williams songs or turnin’ the radio up and listenin’ to George Strait or Journey or something like that, wide open. And those are great coming of age memories that I have as a teenager, you know, and driving and listening to music.”

McGraw released “7500 OBO” in 2020, and premiered its music video the following year. The video star’s the country giant’s youngest daughter Audrey, now 20. McGraw explained that Audrey, a model, was deemed the perfect fit for the role, and she got to take it with permission from “the boss,” Faith Hill. “First of all, I asked the boss — my wife — and then I asked Audrey after Faith approved,” McGraw said. “That was one of the coolest things I’d done is work with (Audrey) in the video and just watch her perform and watch her act.” Watch the music video here:

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