Jacksonville collection schedule for recycling

Six Months ago curbside recycling stopped in Jacksonville. Today the trucks are back out on the road picking up recyclables from you and your family. The link below will tell you what day in your area they will run. A list of items below.

To look up your collection schedule: https://myjax.custhelp.com/app/hauler

Single-family residents can recycle all of these items curbside in their yellow lid recycle cart starting the week of April 4th:


Mail, office and school paper

Newspapers, magazines, catalogs and phone books

Paperback books

Brown paper bags

Fiberboard boxes (cracker/cereal)

Corrugated cardboard (must be flat and cut 2’ by 3’ or smaller)


Steel food containers

Aluminum cans

Aluminum baking pans


Plastics numbered 1-3, 5 or 7

Detergent bottles

Cleaning solution bottles

Plastic food and beverage containers


Milk and creamer containers

Juice boxes

Soup and broth containers


Green, brown or clear bottles and jars (discard lids with garbage)

For reminders and information on what can and can't be recycled: coj.net/recycleright

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