Know Your Zone, Know Your Home

Instructions to Know Your Zone, Know Your Home

  • Click Know Your Zone Map below
  • Type in your address
  • Know Your Zone - Find if your address is in one of the colored evacuation zones (these are flood zones)
  • If you are in an evacuation zone, listen to evacuation orders from local officials (Typically Zone A is the most vulnerable and the most likely to evacuate first. Zone F is most likely to evacuate last)
  • If an evacuation order is not issued for your area and your house is not in an evacuation zone, you may consider sheltering in place
  • If you shelter in place, it’s important to Know Your Home and its ability to withstand strong winds and heavy rain

Take a look to see where your zone is at  Know Your Zone Map.

Click layers, three sheets top right on page, to see the flood zone map portion. check the box. if you don't see a color for your house then you are not in a flood zone.

Jacksonville Evacuation Zone

More info HERE:

Photo: State of Florida flood Zones

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