Jorel & Betsy – Warrior Saved by a Cup

Some milestones since my K9FW graduation.

 I completed my bachelors and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering in 2020. In 2020 I started tutoring high school math for struggling students. And in 2021 That transitioned into a part time teaching role where once a week I meet and help prep high school students for college calculus and physics.

Having Betsy’s really helped open the world back up to me. I no longer struggle with leaving the house and I have even become confidant talking to groups in public. I am still working with Oshkosh corporation. In 2021 I transitioned to Oshkosh Defense where I design assembly fixtures and tooling.

Betsy has become comfortable working on the production floor with me. Everyone has been very respectful even if she has caused a few “safety briefs” My new position requires me to be involved in every point of the manufacturing process from sale to delivery.

Betsy helps me a lot by breaking the ice. I've found people to be less aggressive when standing in front of a black lab giving them sad puppy dog eyes.

 Last summer we flew to Orlando to vacation with family. Betsy does not like shamu :( Last April I started a diabetes mitigation program called Virta, Sponsored through my employer. The goal is to reduce the need for medication and insulin.

 At the 1 year mark I am no longer in any diabetic medication including insulin and I have lost 91 lbs.

Telethon Partnership

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