Florida Non-Profit Plans To "Fly People North" For Abortions

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Photo: Getty Images

Assuming Florida's new 15-week abortion ban withstands a challenge, a South Florida non-profit vows to fly women north to terminate their pregnancies.

The president of Emergency Medical Assistance, or EMA in West Palm Beach, says her organization is working under the assumption that they are going to be flying people to states with looser abortion laws.

Fran Sachs told the Sun-Sentinel the people that will be impacted the most by the new law are those who don't have the resources to go somewhere like New York or New Jersey to end a pregnancy after 15 weeks.

Sachs also says that she regrets that she won't be able to help everyone because the costs are almost unfathomable. Travel costs could mount into the hundreds or thousands of dollars when you include lodging, food and time off work.

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