Road Closures On The First Coast Following Irma

Due to excessive flooding and downed trees seen throughout the First Coast, some roads remain closed until further notice.




  • Pages Dairy Road at Lofton Creek Bridge (Flooding)  
  • Conner Cutoff Road at Dog Gone Trail (Impassable/Barricaded)  
  • Seymore Point Road (Downed Tree) 
  • Cortez Road (Flooding) 
  • Davis Road (Flooding) 
  • Middle Road Haddoc/Crawford (Downed Tree) 
  • Kings Ferry & Dahoma (Downed Tree) 
  • Kings Ferry Bridge (Downed Tree) 
  • 453322 Old Dixie Hwy (Downed Tree) 
  • Pages Dairy & Ezell Lane (Downed Tree) 
  • 1900 Clinch Drive (Downed Tree) 
  • N 17th & Atlantic (Downed Tree) 
  • S 14th & Amelia Parkway (Downed Tree) 
  • Blackrock Road & Green Pine (Downed Tree) 
  • Amelia Island Parkway & Fletcher (Downed Tree) 
  • First Coast Hwy & Scott Road (Downed Tree/Power Line) 
  • 96050 Marsh Lakes Drive (Downed Tree) 
  • Lem Turner & 5th Avenue (Downed Tree) 
  • 3610 Via Del Mar (Downed Tree) 
  • Orange Street from Alma to 4th Street (Erosion) 
  • Petree Road (Downed Tree/Power Line)



  • Blanding Blvd. at County Rd. 218
  • State Road 16 closed from Sandhill Rd. to Thunder Rd.
  • County Road 220 at Joe Johns Rd., east of Knight Boxx Rd.
  • Thunder Rd. at Eds Court
  • County Road 215 at Primrose Ave.
  • Henley Rd. at Black Creek Bridge

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