Wed Part 2: Terri Clark On Why She Turned Down Playboy + Tipping Etiquette

Wed Part 1: Lunchbox's Fame Status + Bobbyfeud: Top 10 Jim Carrey Movies

Find out if Lunchbox thinks he is the most famous person on the show and which celebrities he thinks have fallen off his Top 25 Most Famous People In Nashville list. Plus, we play the Bobbyfeud: Top 10 Jim Carrey movies edition, can you guess the number one answer?

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Tues Part 2: The Guys Annoying Husband Habits + Arkansas Keith Update!

Bobby, Lunchbox and Eddie admit the annoying husband habits they do that their wives hate! Plus, we check in with Bobby's stepdad, Arkansas Keith, to find out how retirement is going, get some fishing updates and more!

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Tues Part 1: Eddie's Son's First Job + Someone Threw Their Baseball Away

Eddie's neighbor gave his 10-year-old son their first job, but he thinks he's ripping them off with how much he's getting paid! Then, Bobby Bones gifted everyone a baseball with a word that described them on it, and someone saw one in the trash and more!

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Ian Hunter from Mott the Hoople-A British Treasure

Join your host @thebuzzknight on this Takin A Walk episode with British singer-songwriter Ian Hunter.  Ian is known for his work leading the classic band Mott the Hoople along with making great solo music throughout his career.

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Your Past Is a Lesson, Not a Life Sentence (5th Thing)

Amy & Kat talk about everything from TikTok food trends (like cottage cheese flatbread & chickles) to life lessons vs. life sentences (i.e. how long do we hold ourselves captive to mistakes we’ve made?!) 

Amy has a marriage tip for Kat that she just read about...apparently this one simple thing could lead to a happier relationship & Amy wishes she'd known about it sooner. 

Adelyn (Amy’s niece) shares her feelings on the infamous ‘what does this make possible?’ question when it was said to her this week after something hard.



“Next time someone tries to bring up your past, while you are trying to improve your future, remember that your past is a lesson and not a life sentence.”

—Xander Scott (Fitness and self development advocate) 


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#457 - Drew Baldridge on Playing 300 Backyards + Everyone Being Against Him

Drew Baldridge (@Drewbaldridgemusic) joined Bobby Bones to talk about the ups and downs of his career that helped him find success. Drew grew up on a farm in Illinois and had a college scholarship to play baseball, when a Josh Turner concert made him realize his music dreams. He recalled turning down the scholarship and moving to Nashville to start writing music, and the full circle moment he had when he played The Grand Ole Opry and Josh Turner came out. He also reflects on losing his record deal in 2020 and getting creative on finding ways for people to hear his music. Which led to him going viral on TikTok and playing in 300 people's backyards. Drew also shares how he felt like everyone was against him and how he started his own record label and is managing himself. He also talks about the newfound success his song "She's Somebody's Daughter" is having and more!  

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Mon Part 2: Eddie Attempts To Eat 108 Shrimp + Lunchbox's Ticket Drama

After making a bet, Eddie attempts to eat 108 popcorn shrimp in one sitting, find out if he can do it! Then, Lunchbox got a ticket and wants to go to court and fight it and more!

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Why Do We Even Play The Game?

If the game doesn't even matter then why do we even play the game? Lunchbox is upset that we are decided to crown winners without without factoring in how they played the game. Pirate Girl had very specific qualifications she wanted in a dude and one guy was wasting everyones time when it was his asked one stupid question at the taco shop. 

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Mon Part 1: Morgan's Etiquette Question + Someone Experienced a Ghost

Morgan has an etiquette question about bringing gifts when invited to a new friend's house! Plus, find out who saw someone on the show being followed by a ghost and more!

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