25W: Thanksgiving Weekend Recap + Final CFP Scenarios + The Curse on Clemson Continues

Eddie Wants To Bet You $100

Ray and Eddie are so annoyed with The World Cup and everything about it. Why is there so much crying? Why doesn't anyone score goals? They're trying to get on board with Team USA but aren't sure they can deal with another 90 minutes with no goals scored. Lunchbox's Mother In Law did something none of us have ever done on a golf course and it makes Lunchbox very mad. Who does Eddie think the Cowboys are going to play in the Super Bowl? 

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Monday Post Show (11-28-22)

Raymundo talks about his experience flying over Thanksgiving vacation and going to see sights from the TV Show “Southern Charm''. Bobby shares that he had a panic attack last night causing his armpits to smell this morning. Bobby started watching a new docu-series on Netflix called “Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?”. Bobby talks about his weekend in sports betting. 

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(Mon Full Show) Why Eddie Has To Bark Like A Dog In Public + The Show Shares Their Thoughts On Amy's Movie 'Holiday Harmony' + Listener Needs Advice About Husbands New Female Co-Worker

Find out what Eddie got caught doing on the show and why he now has to bark in public. Plus, Amy's movie, 'Holiday Harmony,' came out on Thanksgiving Day and the show reveals if they watched it yet and their thoughts! Then, a listener calls in asking for advice. Her husband has a new female co-worker, and he bought her a Christmas gift after a recent conversation they had. She needs advice on how to handle this and we share our thoughts if she should be concerned!

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(Mon Early Bird) Amy Got Asked An Awkward Question In The Grocery Line + House Guest Etiquette + Mailbag: 40-Year-Old Boyfriend Has Never Moved Out Of Parents House

Amy recently got asked a personal question while she was waiting in the grocery line, and it made things really awkward... find out what it is. Plus, we discuss the best house guest etiquette rules and if you stay at someone's house, how long until you feel like you're being a burden? Mailbag: A listener has been dating her boyfriend for over five years and it's going great, but he's in his 40's and still lives at home with his parents and refuses to move out even though he has the means to do so. We share our thoughts!

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Rating The 7 Movies in Marvel Phase 4 and Are We Living in the Worst Eras of Movies? + Movie Review: Devotion (In Theaters)  + Trailer Park: Violent Night

Since we’ve wrapped up Marvel Phase 4 with ‘Wakanda Forever’, Mike ranks all 7 movies in the phase and decided where this series of films ranks inside the Marvel Universe. Mike gives his review of ‘Devotion’ about the inspirational true story of Jesse Brown, the first Black aviator in U.S. Navy history. And in the Trailer Park, Mike talks about the action/comedy Christmas movie called ‘Violent Night’ that comes out on Friday. 

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BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: BONUS - Shane Profitt on Taking a Chance in Life

This bonus episode features an artist who is signed, but he is still new to the industry and his story is unforgettable. Shane saw Chris Janson at a restaurant one night, and decided to introduce himself to Chris and take a chance at having Chris listen to his music. Fast forward 12 months later and the 2 are best friends, with Chris supporting and helping Shane sign to a label and release an EP. Kevin and Shane also discuss Shanes upbringing, and how this is a staple in his music and life. 


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Podcast Description:

Unsigned and Independent is a six episode season podcast hosted by Kevin O’Connell that features unsigned and independent artists and bands in Nashville. The purpose of this podcast is to highlight the journey and grind musicians go through trying to make it in the industry; the journey most fans don’t see leading up to national success. People move to music city from all over the country to chase something they have only dreamed of – making music and performing for a living. This podcast will dive into stories on the road, late nights and early mornings on the infamous Broadway, their background story, and if there is an ultimate goal for each artist or band. The artists featured on this podcast don’t have the backing of a label or sometimes even management, or a publishing team to handle their bookings, travel, etc.… But what they all have in common is a genuine passion for the love of music and performing. There is hidden talent spread throughout music city and the aim of this podcast is to give this hidden talent an opportunity to have a platform for an audience to hear their story, what the process is really like in the industry, and hopefully gain a new fan or two.  

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Best Bits (Just The Bits) with Morgan: PART 2

This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that I countdown from 7 to 1. You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!

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Best Bits with Lunchbox: PART 1

In this podcast, Morgan and Lunchbox share the behind-the-scenes of their TikTok videos, they talk about Morgan’s dating app adventures, and answer random questions. Lunchbox is proud to be in the number 1 spot and Morgan has a pro tip for the holidays. Plus they share some reviews of things they’ve watched recently, and their favorite Christmas songs.


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When Music Helps You Heal From An Eating Disorder (Outweigh)

(OUTWEIGH) Singer/Song-writer Maura Streppa is Amy's guest today! Maura battled with an eating disorder for most of her life, but didn’t realize it until she was a freshman in college. She started recovery over COVID and really used songwriting to help get through it. She wrote a song called “Skinnier” that comes out December 2nd and hopes it will help others feel less alone + encourage them to NOT think that life will be better if/when they are skinnier!!

About Maura: 
There is a place where country meets soul meets pop. That sweet spot exists in the heart of singer/songwriter, Maura Streppa. Heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, John Prine, Amy Winehouse, Kacey Musgraves, and more, Maura uniquely and effortlessly creates a home for lovers of the old and the new alike. Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, Maura discovered her love for music at a young age. After a move from the city to the south lands of North Carolina, Maura found that her mother’s piano keys helped her express her deepest emotions. It was from that moment on that she decided she wanted to share these cathartic songs with the world. Maura continued writing, singing, and sharing until the age of 18, when she was asked to play the Carolina Country Music Festival and to open for country music star, Jimmie Allen. It was in that opportunity that Maura became more sure than ever that singing country music for thousands of people was what she wanted to do with her life. She promptly packed her bags and made her way to Music City. Since making the big move to Nashville, Maura has been performing almost every single night, sharing her soulful songs with those who cross her path. She recently won Tennessee Songwriter’s Week and made her debut at The Bluebird Cafe with her song, “Singer and The Song”. The eclectic artist has a strong conviction to create music with authenticity, love, and purpose and works hard to carry out that calling every day.
Instagram: @maurastreppamusic

To contact Amy about Outweigh: hello@outweighpodcast.com

Best places to find more about Amy: RadioAmy.com + @RadioAmy

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