Breakfast Brackets 2017: The Results Are In!

You joined 99.1 WQIK's The Big Show in picking Jacksonville's best breakfast joint with Breakfast Brackets 2017! It was a long and wild road, but after five rounds of competition, we've finally determined the hottest and most beloved breakfast stop in all of the greater Jacksonville ares!

Did you guess who would take home the crown? The competition was pretty tight there at the end!

Here are all the results!

Round 1

Aunt Jan's Kitchen vs. Grumpy's: Grumpy's

What's Cookin' vs Bill's Diner: What's Cookin'

The Fox vs. Nicole's: The Fox

Pinegrove Market vs. Metro Diner: Metro Diner

Home Plate Diner vs. Beach Hut Café: Beach Hut Café

Beach Diner vs. Ellen's Kitchen: Beach Diner

Kairos vs. Secret Garden: Secret Garden

Blue Boy vs. Sun & Moon: Blue Boy

Terry's Grill vs. T-Ray's: T-Ray's

Toby's vs. Ms. Carolyn's: Ms. Carolyn's

Cleo's vs. Edgewood Diner: Edgewood Diner

Village Bread Café vs. Cool Moose Café: Village Bread Café

Broadway Deli and Grill vs. Bayard Café: Bayard Café

Maple St. Biscuit vs. Little Margie's: Maple St. Biscuit Company

Angie's Grom vs. Grinders: Angie's Grom

Johnny Angel's vs. Angel's Diner: Johnny Angel's

Round 2

Grumpy's vs. What's Cookin': Grumpy's

The Fox vs. Metro Diner: Metro Diner

Beach Hut Café vs. Beach Diner: Beach Hut Café

Secret Garden vs. Blue Boy: Secret Garden

T-Ray's vs. Ms. Carolyn's: T-Ray's

Edgewood Diner vs. Village Bread Café: Village Bread Café

Bayard Café vs. Maple Street: Maple Street

Angie's Grom vs. Johnnys Angel's: Angie's Grom

Round 3

Grumpy's vs. Metro Diner: Grumpy's

Beach Hut Café vs. Secret Garden: Secret Garden

T-Ray's vs. Village Bread Café: T-Ray's

Maple Street vs. Angie's Grom: Angie's Grom

Round 4

Grumpy's vs. Secret Garden: Grumpy's

T-Ray's vs. Angie's Grom: Angie's Grom

The Finals

In the final match up, it was Grumpy's on Kingsley in OP versus Angie's Grom in Jacksonville Beach. The fight was tight, and their fans around Jacksonville put in over 5,000 votes for their breakfast destination of choice!

So with no further ado, the Breakfast Brackets winner in 2017 was...









Angie's Grom with 56% of the vote!

Congratulations to Angie's Grom for bringing in so much passion from local fans, and trumping all of the competition round after round! It's quite an accomplishment to have so much love from the community.

Thanks to everyone for playing! It was lots of fun!

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