Floridiot Robs Pet Store By Shoving Fish Down His Pants

A couple named Cruz Garcia Jr. and Crystal Dixon walked into a pet store in Clearwater, Florida earlier this month. While Crystal distracted the cashier, Cruz shoved several exotic fish down his pants and walked out with them.

He put them in plastic bags first.  So they weren't just flopping around in his underwear . . . which is lucky for the fish, I guess.

It's not clear how many fish he walked off with, but each one sold for about $20.

The cashier realized what happened when she saw drops of water on the floor next to their tanks, and she was able to get their license plate number before they drove off.

 The cops tracked Cruz down last Friday and arrested him for theft.  It's not clear if Crystal has been charged.  But police haven't been able to recover the fish yet. 

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