Airline Goes The Extra Mile To Return Lost Ring

Imagine this, ladies: You're flying across the country, and after you get where you're going, you realize you lost your engagement ring somewhere along the way. But you have no idea where.

Well, that's what happened to a woman from San Francisco last week when she flew from New York to Wyoming. When she got there, she realized she was missing her engagement ring AND her wedding ring. And she didn't know where she lost them.

But she let United Airlines know about it, so they were on the lookout. And luckily, her engagement ring was found by a very honest gate agent who put it in a safe to make sure no one else walked off with it.

Then they gave it to a pilot who was flying to San Francisco where Brit lives. And he HAND-DELIVERED it to her earlier this week.

It's not clear if anyone found her wedding ring yet. But she posted a photo of the engagement ring on Twitter, and it's got a pretty big rock on it. So it was a huge find.

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