Staged Or Truly Awkward Moment On American Idol?

Hmmmm.... Ryan Seacrest is flirting pretty heavily with Katy Perry, when American Idol returned from a commercial break... she even told him they were on.... he continued and then later, looked busted. 

Or was it staged?

Here's what happened... Ryan was telling Katy her mom was pretty and the following exchange occurred: 

Katie: My mom? Well, I hope the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Ryan: It doesn't. You are too. But you're not a mom

Katy: Not yet. 

Ryan: Do you want to talk about it?

At that point, it looks like Ryan realized they were back, even though Katy had told him they were, and he has a deer in the headlights look. He looks like he didn't realize the conversation was on TV.

Or did he? 

Take a look and see what you think. 

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