Country Stars Give Music Festival Survival Tips

The website, Sounds Like Nashville, asked a few country stars to give their Festival Survival Tips.  Keep these in mind, especially if you're heading to Country 500 at Daytona Speedway this weekend.  

Scotty McCreery stresses hydrating early, because it's the only way to make it to late night.  He's also a big fan of drinking Pedialyte. 

Maren Morris is so on point with this... .  Quote, "Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about wearing a fanny pack because they're perfect for festivals."  

Jennifer Fiedler of Smithfield has this advice, quote, "Don't ever wear grey, because [it's] the worst to show sweat."  

Hopefully, Carly Pearce knows that.  She said, quote, "I sweat a lot, and it ain't fun.  But just wear minimal clothes." 

And then there's Kip Moore, who has a big warning... Quote, "Stay away from the corn dogs.  Tequila and corn dogs will take you right down."

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