Top Ten Amusement Parks In The World

 TripAdvisor just put out a list of the top amusement parks in the world based on their users' reviews . . . and six of the top 10 are in America.  Here's the list:  

1.  Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando. 

2.  Disney's Magic Kingdom, Orlando. 

3.  Le Puy du Fou, a, quote, "Renaissance Festival on steroids" in France. 

4.  Universal Studios, Los Angeles. 

5.  Universal Studios, Orlando. 

6.  Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando. 

7.  Europa-Park, a huge traditional amusement park in Germany. 

8.  Tivoli Gardens, an old-school amusement park in Denmark. 

9.  The Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 

10.  Disneyland Park, France. 


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