It Was One Year Ago Today That Hurricane Irma Hit Jax

It was a year ago today that Hurricane Irma hit the Jacksonville area. While some areas were barely touched, some were destroyed by flooding, especially parts of Riverside, San Marco, and Clay County. Some people still aren't back to pre-Irma life. 

What were you doing at that time?

A number of of us were at the radio station to cover everything that happened. We have 8 radio station in our building, so there were a good number of us there, including John Scott, Cindy Spicer, Brad Thornton and me, Toni Foxx. My dog, Guido, even came and luckily, he was a Yorkie, so he didn't affect John's allergies. 

hurricane Irma prep at radio station
Toni's dog, Guido, at the radio station during Hurricane Irma

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