Florida, We Need This For Summer

Ok, I don't do shots like I used to in my younger days. I haven't quit doing them altogether... I'm just more picky as to what kind of booze I'll do a shot of. Basically, it has to be a pretty wimpy shot for me to do and I will not do many of them.... probably not even more than one.

Outside of that, there is also one requirement I have... the shots need to be cold! As in ice cold! It's awful to do a shot of warm booze. Yuck! An ice cold shot can not only give you a nice buzz but it can be refreshing.

Enter the shot glass made out of ice. I don't mean a shot glass you put in the freezer. I mean, a shot glass made out of ice.

Imagine having a cooler full of these babies ready to go in the summer when the humidity is choking us. They're perfect for a pool or beach party or barbecue or anything and they look super easy to make.

Robbie, John and Toni

Robbie, John and Toni

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