Toni Foxx Tried The New-ish Restaurant Called, Bellwether, In Downtown Jax

I went to one of my favorite musicals, "Rock of Ages," last week at the Times-Union Center and whenever I go to an event downtown, I like to eat somewhere close by... it's a timing issue for me.  I'd rather be close by the venue, so I don't have to travel far after dinner & then boom, I'm there. 

With some new places opening up downtown, I wanted to go somewhere I haven't been yet. I saw that a new restaurant has opened up just a few blocks the T-U Center, called, Bellwether. The restaurant is from the Black Sheep Restaurant Group, which also owns, Black Sheep Restaurant and Orsay.

So, that was my pick. First of all, the location was nice, because it really was just 2-3 blocks up Laura Street, close to the Omni, where we parked for the show. So, even though it was cold, it was a short walk and we were there... we didn't worry about parking there and then parking for the show... we parked once and done. 

It's a cool little place. The decor they're going for must be like an urban vibe, that makes you feel like the subway is just around the corner. We got there early and when they asked us if we had a reservation and we didn't, I thought... oh, no, we're screwed. We were ok, but it did not take long for all the tables to fill up.

Their menu seems to have a little of everything to satisfy everyone... steak, ribs, salmon, sandwiches, burgers and vegetarian and vegan foods. It's good stuff! I had a Medianoche sandwich, which is basically a Cuban sandwich and a quinoa salad as my side and it was delicious. My friend had a salad and their soup of the day, which was basically a stew...forgive me for not remembering what it was exactly.... but  she loved her choice as well. 

I thought our service was excellent... we had plenty of time to get to our show and it was nice to have a new place to go to downtown! 

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