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Misconceptions, misstatements and some downright falsehoods about Jacksonville

Every city has their myths and misconceptions - -Jacksonville is no different. Some of these myths have been around for decades, but I’m here to straighten it out!

1. Jacksonville is the largest city in the world. – Well, after consolidation in 1968 we were the largest city, yet Juneau, Alaska took the crown a few years later, and many others worldwide now have a larger land area. More accurately, we are the largest in the continental United States; still a pretty cool stat.

2. St. Johns River is the only river that flows north. It is the one fact people like to throw at you when they hear you’re from Jacksonville. Talk show host Larry King, of all people, threw that un-truth at me when I met him. Yes, it flows north, but, so do many, many others in United States and many more worldwide. hooks you up with the list in case you’re curious.

3. You went to high school here with country superstar Tim McGraw –The Jacksonville connection is Tim’s mom, Betty, who did live here and conceived Tim here. She moved to Louisiana, where Tim was born and raised. She moved back to the area after Tim graduated high school. Tim did live with his mom for a short time here after high school before moving to Nashville.

4. St. Johns River not St. John’s – no apostrophe. There are older maps where the St. Johns carried an apostrophe, but somewhere it was dropped and has been that way for well over 100 years now.

5. Yes, it’s Florida…but it gets cold in Duval!.Record low 7 degrees, in 1985. Averages 15 nights per year below freezing. No, it’s not Buffalo, but it’s not Key West, either.

6. You saw Nolan Ryan pitch at Wolfson Park while he was with the Jacksonville Suns. The Hall of Famer did pitch for the Suns, but only for three games and none of them were in town.

7. Philips Highway has two “L’s”. Long ago Philips Highway was named after Judge Henry B. Philips, son of Jacksonville Sheriff Albert Gallatin Philips. A.G. Philips was sheriff from 1833 -1839, yet later, when the signs went up it was “Phillips” with 2 “L”’s. Finally, after many years, most of the signs have been fixed, yet if you have a business on Philips, I’m sure the 2 Ls still come into play. You just have to make sure you get the “L” out!

Photo: posted by iHeartMedia Jacksonville Staff

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