The Italian Toni Foxx Cooks Cuban

I just love to cook. My mother is a great cook, my father was a great cook and they taught me to cook Italian food, because, well, they are and were from Italy. So, Italian food is my first love but I love to cook new things and I'm not afraid to try different cuisines.

I saw a recipe on Twitter that sounded great and looked great, for a Cuban dish called, ropa vieja. It didn't look difficult to make but it had beef chuck roast that had to simmer 3 hours on the stove. So, I needed to have some time and as luck would have it, I still hadn't done my taxes so I figured I would cook that while I did my taxes yesterday.

Here's a pic after I threw the ingredients in the pot to simmer all afternoon.

ropa vieja

After my taxes were done, the dish was done and it just needed a couple of finishing touches and then I dug in and it was delicious! I live alone and don't have to share, so I don't know why I just didn't eat half the pot right then and there.... it was that good!

I put it over rice and it was fantastic but here's a pic of it finished... no rice.

So,CLICK HERE for the recipe, if you'd like to try it. Your house will smell delicious and your tummy will thank you! And so will everyone else who eats it. ~Toni

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