How Hungover Was She?

So you're hungover. YOU NEED FOOD. But the water is too loud and you don't want to make anything. You don't want to even make a pop-tart. You just want to make this hangover to go away. So you go online and order food from McDonald's. I'm not the most tech-savvy guy but I can negotiate placing an order for food.

I'm not sure this meal worked as a hangover cure.

A woman named Katie Poole in Toronto was hungover last weekend and ordered some McDonald's delivery. And she likes to modify her burgers, but she somehow went TOO FAR with the modifications and asked for no bun, mustard, onions, pickles . . . or patty.

So McDonald's delivered her a container with the only ingredient left . . . two packets of ketchup. And yes, she paid full price for the burger. Now a picture of her order is going viral.

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