Less Trick or Treating and More Scary Movies: Halloween 2020

Two in three Americans who normally celebrate Halloween still plan to do it this year. The rest are just writing it off as another thing screwed up by 2020.

But here are four things we'll be doing differently . . .

1. Trick-or-treating. 51% of people who normally do things for Halloween said they're less likely to trick-or-treat this year.

2. Going to a Halloween party. Down 54%.

3. Staying in and watching scary movies. Up 39% from last year.

4. Decorating your home or yard. Up 30%.

Decorations are the #1 Halloween-related thing Americans are spending money on this year: An average of $39 decorating . . . $32 on costumes . . . and $31 on candy. For us in the south we spend more on candy than other parts of the country.

How about you?

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