Easy Scallops For Dinner

Scallops aren't something I make for dinner a lot. In fact, I can't remember the last time I cooked them. That might change after I found this super easy and really good scallops recipe from the Food Network that I made for dinner last night, and I think even if I cooked them for Gordon Ramsay, he would be happy with them, haha!

If you like fast dinners, this one will work. It takes 30 minutes to marinate the scallops, and then cook them for a few minutes and then boom, dinner is ready!

Here's how easy it is.... start with scallops after marinating... just cook them up in a saute pan...


You can add a side dish... I made some rice with it.. the water is a little pink because of saffron in it.


And voila, dinner!

scallops dinner

The marinade calls for lots of cilantro.... half a cup, chopped. I thought I had enough but I only had half that and it was still really good. I think the marinade would also be really good for shrimp or chicken as well.


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