What's in a (dog's) name?

Did you get a dog last year? And did you name her Luna? A dog DNA company released the results of a study on the most popular dog names of 2020. And for female dogs, the name "Luna" was so big, people picked it almost three times more than the second-most popular name.

Luna isn't just popular for dogs, it's becoming a very popular name for us humans as well. Luna was the 18th most popular name for girls last year and it's been gradually getting more popular since the 1990's.

The 10 most popular female dog names last year were:

Luna, Daisy, Bella, Lucy, Penny, Stella, Lola, Piper, Ruby and Willow.

The 10 most popular male dog names last year were: Cooper, Milo, Finn, Charlie, Tucker, Ollie, Bear, Max, Loki and Moose.

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