Toni Foxx's Weekend in 5 Pictures 1/8-1/10

My weekend started out with my friend Carla coming over to enjoy some cheese & crackers & wine on Friday night. We also watched Bee Gees videos. Yes, Bee Gees. What can I tell you... we grew up listening to their music and the topic came up, because there's a documentary out about them & Carla watched it.

Saturday morning, I had to pop into the radio station to do just a little bit of work. Didn't take me long, thank goodness.

Then, the rest of the day, I watched football. NFL playoffs started with a tripleheader on Saturday & yes, I watched every game.... minus any time I may have fallen asleep on the couch during the Rams-Seahawks matchup.

Sunday morning, I did some Target shopping. I refuse to say how much I spent on the basis that it may incriminate me. If you're a Target lover, you know what I'm talking about!

The rest of Sunday was just like Saturday... I spent it watching the NFL playoffs. It was all just a blur until my beloved Cleveland Browns played the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night and beat them! I still can't believe it!

My poor neighbor, who lives below me, put up with me yelling the entire game but she was really cool about it. Until I texted her, she said she thought I had won the lottery. Speaking of that, the MegaMillions & Powerball are way up there and hey, the Browns beat the Steelers... so anything can happen. I might win one yet!

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