No More Singles In Toni's Kitchen

Don't we all have plastic storage containers floating around our kitchen that we can't find lids to? Or tons of lids that are way more than the number of containers we have? How does that happen? I mean, how I do lose containers but not their matching lids? Are they sprouting legs and walking out on their own?

I guess it's like the lost socks after we do laundry. How do we lose that one sock? & it is nowhere to be found. Nowhere.

Well, I have been wanting to go through all of my storage containers and match them with their lids for awhile now. Especially because I know I need new storage containers but I don't know what I need if I don't get a good assessment of what I currently have.

So, this was the situation when I pulled all of my containers out of my cabinet yesterday.

Yeah, fun, right?

Well, it really didn't take me long before I found all the lids for all the containers & I didn't even need a dating app to do it!

So, then I was left with these stupid lids.

This is the part I don't get. How do I have so many lids with no containers to match? I do give leftover food to friends if I am entertaining. Do they bring back containers with no lids? This lid really bugged me because I know it's to a container that was pretty good.

I don't get it.

But I went ahead & threw away all the leftover lids so everyone has a mate now. This is everyone coupled up.

The good news is this little project didn't take much time at all, in case you're thinking about tackling it for your own kitchen.

The bad news is after looking at all of my containers, I realize I desperately need to throw away most, if not all of them, & get a nice set.

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