Toni's Weekend in Five Pictures 1/29-1/31

I went to St. Petersburg this weekend to see my boyfriend. Normally, I don't stop to eat on the way there but I got hungry this time, so I decided to stop. I was taking 301 to 75 to get to St. Pete, rather than going through Orlando, so I thought I would try to find a local place. At the time, I was in the town of Hawthorne, & I landed at a cute place called, The Wrap Shack, where they had wrap sandwiches, of course! Just perfect for lunch.

It was a yummy sandwich, with yummy fries & a very nice waitress

In St. Pete, my boyfriend and I found a great pizza place... a teeny tiny place in downtown St. Pete, called, Pizza Box. It was so tiny, it really reminded me of being in someone's garage, where they put a fridge and a pizza oven and a couple of tables and chairs to cook and entertain for friends.

It may be tiny but their pizza was terrific! We even split the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

I'm telling you, if you want some delicious pizza in St. Pete, get pizza from Pizza Box. It's soooo goood!

Did some binge watching & I finally watched the episodes of the new Disney Marvel show, Wandavision. I think it's a really good show... very clever & creative. It's available on Disney Plus.

Also enjoyed a delicious brunch in St. Pete on Sunday. I must have been really hungry, because I never thought about taking a pic of my food until after I ate it. It was Lobster Benedict. Yeah, as good as it sounds.... instead of a regular Eggs Benedict, it had lobster on it. So so so good.

It was at a place called, Harvey's 4th Street Grill.

That's it. As usual, my weekend seemed to be focused on going to some different food joints. Yep, that's how I like it!

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