Clay County Goats Predict Super Bowl Winner

Numerous Super Bowl predictions are made every year, sometimes, the predictions are even made by animals.

Just this week, river otters and manatees in Sarasota made some predictions, as did a dolphin in Clearwater. In past years, we've also had a famous hippo, a giraffe and an octopus make their picks.

With that in mind, Robbie, John and Toni set out to get our own picks and well, since the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady, is again playing in this Super Bowl, what better animal to make a prediction than a goat? Even better... two goats!

So, the morning show turned to our friend, Tasha, with the Clay County Fair, and boy, did she come through. Tasha set us up with Aimee, who owns AM & FM, two adorable goats, who also apparently double as football prognosticators.

On to the game prediction... Here's what happened.

So, there you go... lock in your bets... Bucs will win Sunday, according to AM & FM, the football-loving goats.

Remember, though... these predictions are for entertainment purposes... neither Robbie, John and Toni nor iHeartMedia are responsible for any gambling losses you may incur if you choose to rely on the aforementioned goats when placing your bets.

With that in mind... Good luck and Go Bucs!

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