Toni's Weekend In 5 Pictures 1/5-1/7

The highlight of my weekend ended up happening early. Robbie, John and I got a tour of the new Margaritaville Jacksonville Beach Hotel from Lisa Langley, the Director of Marketing.

It's so pretty! Here is what you see when you get off the elevators if you're going to check into the hotel.

Here is a shot of the lobby.

I stayed and had a wonderful lunch at the Landshark Bar & Grill with my friend, included a delicious Italian Margarita and yummy coconut shrimp.

The rest of my weekend was quiet. I did watch the Super Bowl but I didn't go to a party. I wish I did now, because the game wasn't that exciting.

My last picture might seem weird but it's notable because of what's not there. It's a pic of my balcony and what's finally not there is... my Christmas tree! Yes, I finally took it down. As much as I love it and I do love it, I finally got sick of it and it was taking up a lot of my space on my balcony, so I finally took it down! I'm sure I had also become an embarrassment to the neighbors so they must be glad it's gone.

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