Toni's Weekend In 5 Pics 2/12-2/14

Hopefully, you've accepted the fact I post a lot of food pics, because I have more for you!

My boyfriend was here this weekend and we found another new pizza place to try. Well, it wasn't exactly new for me. I have been to the original V Pizza location in Jacksonville Beach more than once, and I have enjoyed the pizza.

But we decided to go to the location in Ponte Vedra, which is in Palm Valley. If you think it's like the Jax Beach site, think again.

It is similar in that on one side is the typical V Pizza place, where you order your pizza & seat yourself and wait for your food. But on the other side is Julep Palm Valley restaurant, which is a full-service sit down restaurant and bar. It serves the delicious V pizza, plus other goodies... apps, sides, sandwiches.

But the real show-stopper is the amazing bar. It reaches to the ceiling with a wall of liquor, of which I had to get a pic.

If I remember correctly, they have over one hundred bottles each of various scotch and bourbon.

That bar is definitely the centerpiece of the place, but in general, the decor of the restaurant is gorgeous.

Saturday, my boyfriend and I took a drive to San Marco Square, just so I could show him a little more of Jacksonville, since he lives in St. Petersburg.

We had lunch at Seafood Island Bar & Grille, which is a local place, right on the Square. It's a fast casual restaurant and you can get seafood any way you like... fried, grilled, blackened. They also have a full bar.

Valentine's Day was a quiet one. I had to do a little work so my boyfriend installed a new ceiling fan in my bedroom for me. It was so nice of him to do that for me.

I usually prefer to eat in on Valentine's Day, so as not to deal with crowded restaurants, so I made dinner for us. It included new recipes I found, because I love to cook new recipes all the time.

We had an appetizer of Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado Bites, with a Lazy Lasagna for 2 and a side salad.

What I was most proud of, though, was the dessert I made.

I was proud of it because I'm a good cook but when it comes to baking and desserts, I'm not so good at making those.

But I decided to tackle something called, the Ultimate Chocolate Mousse. Let me tell you, it IS the ultimate chocolate mousse and it came out delicious!

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