Toni's Weekend In 5 Pictures 2/26-2/28

I took a road trip to Savannah this weekend with a couple of girlfriends.

Even though I love weekend getaway trips and I have done many of them, this was the first time I visited Savannah, in the 17 years I have lived in Jax. It was just a quick trip... up Saturday, spent the night and came back Sunday.

I went with my two friends, Cheryl & Carol.

Those two have gone to Savannah a lot so I just followed their leads.

We stayed in a great place, The Alida Hotel. It's really nice and pet friendly! It also has a rooftop bar with great views of the river.

So, we hit up a couple of riverfront bars, took a nap and went out again and ended up in a tiki bar called, The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar.

I guess I thought the glass was cute that they served the drinks in, because I took a pic of it.

Sunday was so gorgeous that before we headed back home, we decided to do lunch in Tybee Island at a cute place called, The Crab Shack.

It was such a cute place... kind of like a kitschy Caps on the Water. It's a totally casual place, located in a neighborhood, right on water. There's even a gift shop and live baby alligators.

They sat us where we had a perfect view & a nice breeze. Bonus pic!

Let me just tell you... the food was fantastic. We pigged out on seafood platters. I couldn't even finish mine but it was delicious!

Here's another bonus pic!

It was a great trip to Savannah, but next time, I gotta stay a couple of nights.

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