Toni's Weekend in 5 Pictures 3/6-3/8

Road trip time!

This weekend's road trip is all about the Holiday Inn Resort at Panama City Beach. I'm just doing some reconnaissance, to make sure it's good enough to send you on a trip there! I'm here now, but you could be here later.

This place is incredible. Look at this view from my room.

Yep, it's right on the ocean. So, steps away, you can enjoy the Gulf of Mexico but if you're not into that, there is a huge pool, a huge hot tub, a smaller pool for kids, a water park for kids, and in a couple of weeks, their lazy river opens.

The gulf is just looking incredible, since I've been here. The blue & green colors are gorgeous. I don't know if the colors are showing up as brilliantly in these pics as it is in person, because it's just unreal right now.

Speaking of unreal, the sunset last night was spectacular! One of the best I have ever seen in my life! Again, I don't know if the colors are coming out as incredible as they did in person, because it truly was fantastic.

So far, I'm having a great time and sharing it with my best friend, Linda, who was ecstatic to come down to Florida from Pennsylvania for a few days.

I'll be here another couple of days so keep following all of WQIK and my social accounts for pics. Also, make sure you listen to win a trip to the resort. CLICK HERE for all the info.

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