What is Your Favorite Month?

Here we are in March, a usually wishy-washy weather month in Jacksonville. It could be gorgeous like it is this week (perfect timing for The Players) or it can be insanely cold and blustery (Florida cold, like 50). A new survey asked people around the country to name their favorite and least favorite month. And March didn't get a ton of votes either way . . . 4% of people said it's their favorite, 6% said it's their least favorite.

We did our informal poll this morning with our listeners. And the winner on the national survey and our survey agreed. It's . . . October. 15% of people say it's their favorite month, and only 3% say it's their least favorite, which is the best ratio of good to bad of any month in the study. On the other end of things, only 3% of people say January is their favorite month, versus 26% who say it's their least favorite, which is the worst ratio. Here are the full rankings of the national survey, based on the difference between people who say it's their favorite month versus people who say it's their least favorite: October . . . May . . . June . . . July . . . September . . . April . . . December . . . November . . . March . . . August . . . February . . . and January.

Locally, it was obviously different, what with our summers being so dang hot. Our local survey ranker was

The great news is we can all enjoy this week in March!!!

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