Toni's Weekend In 5 Pics 3/12-3/14

For this first time in a long time, I didn't have tickets to The Players Championship, so I decided to get away from the traffic and go to St. Petersburg to see my boyfriend.

Before I left, I caved in to temptation, and got myself another Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, which makes two for me this year. I just love them... they're so good!

Shortly after I got there, we went over to the St. Pete Beach area to a cool dive bar called, Mahuffer's. It's hard to describe the place... it's got a whole bunch of cool junk inside and outside and dollar bills from patrons all over the walls.... and places to take goofy pics.

I'm so damn short.

After that, we headed across the street to catch a pretty sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

On Saturday, we went to an art walk in downtown St. Pete and that's when I found the craziest treasure for Robbie Rose.

We headed to the art walk in the afternoon, but we didn't realize we were too early. Some art studios were open anyway so we decided to just check some out and go to a brewery as well. Then we stumbled upon a sidewalk festival.

So, we checked it out and it looked like old clothes or shirts. I asked someone and it was indeed a vintage t-shirt festival. I saw a LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers jersey and in case you don't know, I am from Cleveland and I'm a huge Cleveland sports fan. He won us a championship so I wanted that jersey as a keepsake. It was only $20.

So, I bought it and the guy said if I find another shirt I want, he'll give it to me for only $10. So, I figured I would look a little. That's when I spotted it.... a t-shirt from the old Rooster Country radio station here in Jacksonville. That's where Robbie Rose worked for many years. I didn't know for sure that it was from here but I thought it had to be! I asked the guy who worked there if he knew where the shirt came from but he said it could be from anywhere.

Feeling confident, I bought the shirt and texted Robbie and John Scott and they confirmed that it was from Jacksonville! From Jacksonville and I found it in St. Petersburg... isn't that crazy?

We ended the night having dinner at a place called, Dr. BBQ. We had some delicious ribs and chicken.

I also became their 5,788th follower on Facebook and 16,706th follower on Instagram. I know this because they have a sign that shows how many followers they have and when you follow them, you can see the numbers change.

That sign amused me so much and it worked, because it made me follow them so I could see the numbers go up in real time.

Yes, sometimes I am that easily amused.

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