Do Not Buy Jax River Jams Tickets

Do NOT buy tickets for Jax River Jams. I repeat.... do NOT buy tickets for tomorrow's Jax River Jams concert.

I say that because no tickets are needed... it's a free event.

However, there are some possible scammers that have popped up on the event page, that are looking to sell tickets. Don't fall for them.

You also can't purchase VIP tickets, so don't think those are the tickets that people are looking to sell. VIP tickets are not and never were for sale... VIP is reserved for sponsors.

If you are wanting to go tomorrow, New Found Glory is performing. They'll take the stage at 7:30,

The gates will open at 5:00 and just like last week, there will be food trucks and vendors.

Here are some pics from Chase Rice at Jax River Jams last week.

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