Time To Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

It's time to reverse your ceiling fans.

Does anyone do this? You're supposed to have them spin clockwise in winter and counter-clockwise in summer.

Mine spin the same way, always. Which means mine spin clockwise all the time.

So, the reasoning behind this is that the blades should spin clockwise in the winter to pull colder air up from the floor. That way it mixes with the warm air near the ceiling and keeps you warmer. But during the summer, the fan should spin counter-clockwise to push the air down, so it blows on you and keeps you cool.

Mine run clockwise and it still feels like the air blows down on me. But maybe not.

Apparently, there's a black switch on the side of the fan fixture and that switches blade direction. It's recommended you clean the blades first, because they're probably covered in dust.

I have never changed the directions of my ceiling fans. Maybe I should do that and see if it works well. Do you do this? Does it really work?

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