Floridiot of the Day Hilariously Tries To Hide Driving While Zooming

Today's Floridiot is a real piece of work. It's actually a covidiot, one of our subcategories.

Since covid hit, many meetings are held via Zoom and this is how our story starts.

There was this state senator in Ohio, Andrew Brenner, and he was participating in a Zoom legislative meeting. The only problem is he was in his car.

So, he joins the meeting and you can see he is in his car. So, he turns the camera off for a moment, before he returns to the meeting. This time, he is in the car again, because he is wearing his seatbelt, but the background is that of a home office. I don't know about you, but I don't usually put a seatbelt on when I'm at home, so I don't know who he thought he was fooling.

Here's the hilarious video.

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