Toni's Weekend in 5 Pics 2/7-1/9

My boyfriend came to visit this weekend from St. Petersburg and there was a lot to do around town this weekend so we had lots to choose from. It feels so good to say that!

We chose to do food and hockey on Saturday.

The Jacksonville Icemen had a game Saturday night and before the game, a food festival was going on. It was the Jax Eats Food Festival. You buy a ticket that included unlimited food and drink at the festival AND a ticket to the Icemen game after.

So, we proceeded to stuff our faces there. I also met the Icemen mascot, Fang.

Went to the game, which was fun, even though the Icemen lost.

But here's the cool part.... we stayed for the entire game & we had perfect timing as we left. The Jumbo Shrimp baseball game had just ended and they had fireworks after the game. So, as we went outside, we were greeted by a fireworks display, right over that old church across the street from Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena!

My boyfriend got some great shots, so those are the last pics I will leave you with from my weekend.

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