Gentle & Sweet Elsa Mae Is Looking For Her Forever Home

I didn't know what to expect when I read that a Treeing Walker Coon Hound was coming in for a video. I read that they're very vocal hunting dogs, so I thought she would be very lively and a constant barker.

Elsa Mae isn't that at all. She is just a sweet gentle dog that just wants you to cuddle with her. She didn't make a sound while she was here, she just wanted to be petted.

Copyright 2021Photo: Brad Thornton iHeart

copyright 2021Photo: Brad Thornton iHeartMedia

Elsa Mae is from the St. Johns County Pet Center & was an owner surrender.

Here is Paul with her story.

So, if you are interested in Elsa Mae, the good news is there is no adoption fee! She is also spayed as well, so no worry about that, either. CLICK HERE to go to the St. Johns County Pet Center to ask about Elsa Mae.

Look at what a good looking dog she is!

Copyright 2021 Photo: Brad Thornton iHeartMedia

She really was the sweetest thing and her disposition is just wonderful for a family or a single person, looking for a forever friend. She likes company, though, so she would definitely do best in a home where she can have another furry companion or a human friend who won't leave her along for long periods of time.

Copyright 2021Photo: Brad Thornton iHearMedia

CLICK HERE for more info or to adopt Elsa Mae.

copyright 2021Photo: Brad Thornton iHeartMedia

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