How Travis Tritt reunited the Eagles

As we get ready for Travis Tritt's show at Rhythm and Ribs in St. Augustine October 16 (win tickets this week in the morning at 7:25), we were reminded of how he caused the reunion of one of America's favorite band, Eagles.

After an incredible run throughout the 1970s, the band had had enough of each other, a lot of animosity. So by 1980, Eagles were no longer and the split up band all did solo work (Glenn Frey, Don Henley especially). Once asked when the band would get back together, the answer was blunt: "When Hell freezes over." Fast forward to the early 1990s when a tribute album to Eagles made by country stars got a lot of attention. A veritable who's who of country were on the record: Vince Gill, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn and so many more. In fact, Travis Tritt's cover of "Take it Easy" was released as a single to country radio.

Now especially in the early 1990s, everyone made a video for their songs. Travis Tritt said he wouldn't make a video unless they got the actual members of the Eagles to be in the video. Everyone laughed, but calls were made and surprising to everyone involved, they all said yes. After spending some time working on the Travis Tritt video, the band found out they could work together and soon after a re-formed Eagles took to the road with the aptly named tour: Hell Freezes Over.

All thanks to a wish of a country superstar!

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