Sending In The Clowns To The Jaguars Game

It's been another rough season for the Jaguars football team. Despite doubling their win total from one game last year to two games this year, the team has looked and played like a mess, for the most part.

Yes, Urban Meyer was deservedly fired, but Jaguars fans feel more change is needed and they want owner Shad Kahn to send Jags General Manager, Trent Baalke, packing along with Meyer. However, the team is saying that Baalke isn't going anywhere, that he will be staying for the next season.

So, Jaguars fans on social media have taken to calling Shad Kahn a clown owner and using the clown emoji on posts, with a very particular addition to it. They have added a mustache to the emoji, that is supposed to resemble Kahn's signature stache.

Well, now, they want to take things a step further. The discontented fans are asking people to show up in clown costumes Sunday for the season finale against the Indianapolis Colts at 1:00 at TIAA Bank Field. It's been reported in the news that at least hundreds of fans have changed their social media profile pics to the clown with a mustache emoji. So, the question now is... how many of those people will show up Sunday afternoon to make a statement in person? Will it be a handful? Hundreds? Thousands, even? How far is this movement, protest, whatever you want to call it..... really going to go?

Due to the Jags' miserable play this season, plenty of tickets will be available... plenty in the cheap seats, even. Heck for $20, many people might find it worth it to dress in clown garb to show Kahn exactly how they feel about him and his product.

Would you do it? Will you do it? What's your over/under on how many fans will?

No matter how many show up Sunday, I think it's safe to say this whole clown movement is more exciting than anything that's happened on the field for the Jaguars in quite awhile. Sadly.

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