Toni's Top 5 Tik Toks You Need To Watch Now 2/8

Sometimes, I just want to waste time by watching videos on Tik Tok. So, I do.

So, I thought I should take advantage of that time by sharing the ones I like with you. I'll watch Tik Tok and pick them out so you don't have to.

So, here we go.

  • This first one is definitely a, "how did he do that?" type of video. This guy posts videos in which he does illusions and tricks. They look simple and I'm sure it's done by good editing but I don't care how he did it, I just think it's clever.
  • This one starts out in one direction & quickly ends up being something totally different. It made me laugh. I like this guy's sense of humor.
  • This Tik Tok found someone very interesting at an airport. If you look at the comments, not everyone believes that person is not who they say they're not.
  • If you've ever gotten ticked off at a jerk who took up two spaces in a very busy parking lot, you will like this video.
  • This is just weird. A woman in Canada found a guy naked and in the trunk of her car and he had been there for three days! This is the video she posted on Tik Tok. Be aware... the video has vulgar language.

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