Fire Breaks Out At TIAA Bank Field

If you ask Jaguars fans, many would say last season was nothing but a huge dumpster fire... so, maybe it's appropriate a literal fire broke out at TIAA Bank Field this morning.

It was a small fire inside the stadium. Alarms went off about 3am this morning. When JFRD got to the stadium, they found a golf cart charging station where carts were plugged in had caught fire, spreading to nearby boxes.

According to JFRD, the fire was kept small, due in large part to the stadium's sprinkler system, so damage was relegated to the immediate area of the charging station. Despite that, there was a lot of smoke... so much so that it reportedly could be seen by cars on the Hart Bridge.

Here's hoping the next fire that happens in connection with the Jags is the team catching fire and running hot next season! That's the only type of fire they need at this point.

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