Sam Hunt's Wife Withdraws Divorce Petition

In a strange twist in the love life of Sam Hunt, his wife has withdraw her petition for divorce. In fact, she did it the same day she sued him for divorce.

According to court documents, Hannah Lee Fowler had filed for divorce from Hunt last Friday, Feb. 18, in a Tennessee court, alleging he cheated on her. She claimed he was guilty of "Inappropriate marital conduct" and "adultery" ... some pretty heavy allegations. That petition was filed at exactly 11:43AM last Friday.

The documents also revealed Hannah is pregnant and she was suing for alimony, child support and primary custody of the child. She is due in May.

So, now it turns out that hours after Hannah filed for divorce, she withdrew her divorce complaint. She requested it be "voluntarily nonsuited without prejudice" which just means she can file for divorce again in the future. That request was filed at 2:13PM on Friday... less than 3 hours after suing for divorce.

So, what the heck happened? No one's talking yet, so we have no idea.

Sam and Hannah have been married since 2017.

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