Best Pie in Florida? Here in Jacksonville!

Happy National Pi Day! Pi (often represented by the lower-case Greek letter π), is one of the most well-known mathematical constants; it's the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The equation to get an area of a circle is A=π r2. Pi is 3.14, hence today being national pi day.

But around here, we turn math into dessert! So we celebrate the best pies today and our friends at Yelp, the online review site, gave a shout out to the highest rated pie bakeries in every state.

Jacksonville is well-represented on Florida's ranker, with three in the top 12, including the NUMBER ONE spot!

Florida's number one according to Yelp is Mixed Fillings Pie Shop on Oak Street!

The number three slot went to Pie Heaven Bakery Café on Mayport Road (it was noted by Yelp last year that their Country Chocolate Pie was the best pie in Florida) and number 12 in the state went to Amaretti Desserts on Old St. Augustine Road. Also a shout out to

You can celebrate National Pi Day by solving equations or eating pie. Or both, I won't judge!

Who would you put on this list?

it toward food!!

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