Dog's Name Is So Bad It Causes Panic At A Train Station

Picking the right name for your pet can be everything. Some people like to give pets human names. Others like to go with tried and true names like Buddy, or Bella. Others like completely unique and even made up names. One pet owner may not have completely thought through the consequences of the name he gave his dog, when he named his fur baby after the Egyptian goddess of the moon. You may think... how could that be bad... it has to be a pretty name. Wellll..... the Egyptian goddess of the moon is..... Isis. Yeah, Isis. Just like... yeah, the well-known group of terrorists.

So, this may not have ever been a big deal, if not for one particular incident. Isis the dog got loose at a train station and started to run down the platform. Like any good dog owner, Isis' human dad chased after, screaming her name, Isis. As you can imagine, there were perplexed witnesses who seemed disturbed to see a guy running and screaming, "Isis!"

The story gets worse, because according to the Daily Mirror, Isis is a little Chihuahua, so as his owner is chasing after her and screaming her name, a lot of people couldn't see the dog at all, because of its small size. They just see some guy running and screaming, "Isis! Isis!" So, you can imagine what those people were thinking.... yup.... Isis terrorists were at the train station, doing God knows what.

So, as this guy is chasing his dog, his 21-year-old grandson was following his grandfather "to make it known he was calling after a dog,"  by saying things like, "Come here girl" and showing dog treats.

Just for the record, they did finally catch little Isis, and she and her human dad and dad's grandson did survive the embarrassment of the situation.

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