Governor DeSantis' Sweet Florida Song Hits Sour Note

Uh-oh, could the Sweet Florida song that the Van Zant brothers did for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis be trouble?

ICYMI, per the Governor's request, the Van Zant brothers wrote and recorded a song for the Governor, called, "Sweet Florida." It came out last Friday. The song's video is on the Governor's re-election campaign website, and stars the Governor, of course.

However, the Governor had a bit of a misstep last week, when promoting the song.... really, when promoting the website where you can find the song. The song came out last Friday, debuting on Fox News. On Monday, DeSantis had a bill signing ceremony for the new law, providing incentives for police officers to move to Florida. During the event, the topic of the song came up and DeSantis mentioned the website, which is named after the song. He said, “yes, you can go to I think people like it. I like it.”

According to campaign laws, that was not allowed to be said by DeSantis. The website is paid for by DeSantis' campaign. There are links to donate money on it. According to Florida Election law, the promotion of the website violated Florida election law because DeSantis did it at an official state-sanctioned event.... the bill signing ceremony.

The American Bridge 21st century, which supports Democratic candidates filed a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission, saying DeSantis is using taxpayer money to get re-elected. The good news is if you're a DeSantis supporter, he may never suffer any consequences for the reported violation, as the Florida Elections Commission supposedly doesn't seem to enforce many campaign violations.

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