Jimmie Allen's Unusual Tour Rider Request

We've seen some unusual tour riders in the past, the stuff that an artist requests to have backstage. Some artists have it as simple as a certain kind of water, a certain flavor snack. Some go out of their way and request outrageous things just to see if the promoter is taking care of details.

Our friend Jimmie Allen's request is more practical, but certainly a first for me!

Among the things on his list are pop tarts, sparkling apple cider, honey graham crackers and... American Eagle underwear.

He tells Taste of Country, "I like to wear brand new underwear when I go on stage. It's just something that feels good. And I always forget underwear and socks. Always. Those are things you always forget. Last thing I wanna be on stage with leather pants on without underwear. It's just not comfortable."

Practical. Love it. Jimmie and his new underwear will be here on the Carrie Underwood tour early next year.

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