Reality Star Suing Netflix for all sorts of things

We've heard stories from former contestants on reality shows about how contrived some of the situations are and how much is manipulated. A former "Love Is Blind" contestant is taking it a step further and is suing Netflix and its producers.

Jeremy Hartwell, who was on the second season of the show, is saying that "the show manufactured drama by forcing the contestants to film while they were drunk, starved, sleep-deprived and underpaid," according to TMZ.

The TMZ article continues "Jeremy says the combination of sleep deprivation, isolation, lack of food, and an excess of alcohol contributed to inhumane working conditions on the show ... and says it made cast members hungry for social connections, altering their emotions and decision-making."

Now according to Jeremy, the cast made decent money, but since they worked about 20 hours a day, they made about $7.14 an hour.

So the question remains, how real are reality shows? I think we know by now, drama is drama, whether authentic or contrived.

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