Should you put sunscreen on your dog? Yes or No?

So hot outside, you may remember to put on sunscreen, but do you load up your dog? According to the American Kennel Club, you should.

A recent survey found that over half of us never apply sunscreen when they take their dog outside and less than half didn't even realize dogs needed protection from the sun.

But the AKC says that dogs can get sunburned, and it can lead to things like skin cancer and dermatitis.

Certain dogs are more at risk for sunburns, especially the ones with short, white coats or hairless breeds. But even dogs with thick coats can burn, particularly on their ears, nose, and bellies.

Just don't put any sunscreen on your dog, though. According to "The ingredients found in human sunscreen make it dangerous to use on your pets. Avoid using sunscreen formulated for humans on your dog. Be very careful not to use any sunscreen on your dog that contains zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is toxic to dogs."

Most pet stores and online carry an array of sunscreen for your dog!

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