Survey Says: America's Favorite Ice Cream Flavor!

We love ice cream. I mean love it. National Ice Cream Month rolls on and a new survey is out with America's Favorite Ice Cream Flavors.

The results are: the old school flavors still come out on top: 1. Vanilla 2. Chocolate 3. Strawberry.

They were followed by 4th: Cookies and Cream ; 5. Chocolate Chip 6. Butter Pecan (my fave) 7. Mint Chocolate Chip 8. Caramel and 9. Neapolitan.

Some flavors are more popular in certain areas of the country: Southerners are more likely to be fans of butter pecan. Midwesterners are big fans of chocolate chip cookie dough. And those out west had a higher percentage of love for vanilla than other areas of the country. What is your go-to ice cream?

Here's how others around the world love theirs.

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